3 May 2010

Ss Philip & James

Today, on this Feast of Saints Philip and James, Apostles, I was looking for a picture of the two together - for the blog. This website, which I happened upon, is really great. Go take a look. There's an awful lot of good Catholic information to view as you while away a few minutes on an otherwise lazy Bank Holiday weekend. Unless you're not in England and don't have any idea what I'm talking about (lazy bank holidays, not good Catholic information) in which case take some time from your busy schedule and be renewed in your faith.

REFLECTION. --The Church commemorates on the same day Saints Philip and James, whose bodies lie side by side at Rome. They represent to us two aspects of Christian holiness. The first preaches faith, the second works; the one holy aspirations, the other purity of heart.

The website concludes by asking us to seek the intercession of Ss Philip and James for all priests. At Mass we chose to seek their intercession for our successor to the Apostles: Archbishop Bernard Longley of Birmingham!

God bless our shepherd.

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