17 May 2010

CTS and Newman

The Catholic Truth Society have much improved their production in recent years according to some of my colleagues. Being new to this game, I cannot really comment save to say that I'm so impressed that I have been a member of their 'readers club' for some years now. It began in seminary. It works like this - you get 50% discount on all their booklets and pamphlets which they produce. The down side, if there is one, is that you have to receive ALL of the booklets - there's no choice as such. This is not bad since it is rather like doing Catholic lottery. You pays your money and you takes your chances. Mostly the material is very helpful and useful and there is always the CTS stand at the back of Church. One man's meat is another man's poison or is it the other way around? It all comes wrapped as a nice little brown parcel.

This time, and the little brown package usually comes about every quarter, includes an excellent little booklet on Newman. It contains both some of his thoughts for use in a Novena and also a daily reflection for each day of the month. It might be fun to offer this reflection on a daily basis, though if you're like me you would much prefer to have the written material to hand. The Internet is great, but it's never better than the book. You'll be able to get the booklet in most catholic bookstores or, if your parish has a CTS stand, at the back of Church. The Newman Prayer Book costs just £1.95 and has been written by the Oratory Fathers of Birmingham with an introduction from Fr Richard Duffield. The CTS write:

Pray for the canonisation of Cardinal Newman with this new prayer book.

The forthcoming beatification of John Henry Newman has led, perhaps more than ever, to a need for a simple Newman Prayer Book.

This selection of brief extracts from Cardinal Newman’s Meditations and Devotions will introduce people to the mind and spirit of Newman, and enable many to prepare and participate in the Church’s joy.

The selection of extracts has been arranged so that there is a prayer for each day of the month. Two morning and evening prayers, taken from his unpublished writings, are also included.

A Novena, composed from Newman’s writings, allowing people to pray through Newman’s intercession completes the Prayer Book.

It you want to support the CTS then you can get more information here.


  1. I like the sound of the brown parcel arriving through the door, or at the door. There's something very nostalgic and cosy in the the thought of that. Probably not the best reason to order the books though. The reasons I end up making decisions leaves much to be desired, I fear!

  2. Shadowlands I fear I may have over-egged on the nostalgia! Rather, the booklets come in a brown jiffy bag and usually fit through the door. Its very exciting, nonetheless!



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