20 May 2010

Vote 'no' for abortion ads

Well, what goes around comes around, they say. After my post on here regarding the Daily Mail this evening I opened a 'round robin' email inviting me to vote 'no' in regard to the planned abortion advert by Marie Stopes. It's all over Facebook and the blogosphere, but you can read the Mail's version of it here. For your convenience, and to enable a one-click link to vote, the email is shown below:

Please click on the link and vote ‘No’ to abortion ads on TV.

Channel 4 are showing the first TV advert for abortions next Monday. Clinics which make a profit from carrying out abortions are not allowed to advertise their services on TV but a legal loophole has been exploited by Marie Stopes which is a ‘not for profit’ organisation.

80% of the 65,000 abortions carried out by Marie Stopes every year are for the NHS at a cost to the taxpayer of £30 million.


God bless


Please do vote on this issue. It will not take much time and could save lives. If you had asked me 24 hours ago would I vote in a Daily Mail survey, I suspect I might have said 'no'. Now I have voted no!



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