14 February 2009

Dom Andrew strikes again.

It is third time lucky for our Brother Andrew, as he makes it to his third blog entry on this site. I don't believe I have written about anyone else quite so often.

It appears that Andrew is the new darling of the media, with his latest entry appearing in the Hereford Times. They have a short video, under seven minutes, of Dom Andrew's Solemn Profession. It really is worth a look, not least as you get to hear the voice of an angel. Andrew sings, too!

Do make sure to look soon, as I don't know how long it will appear as their headline video.

You also get to see many of the community of Oscott too, including me.

Look out during the singing of the Suicipe. An interesting choice of background. Am I mistaken or do we see the first station of the cross as Pilate washes his hands of the matter? Is this some sort of message, brother, as you sing: “Accept me Lord, as you have promised, and I shall truly live!” What could this mean?

Well done Brother, and watch out Dominic (who I notices manages a cameo role in the production). Surely our local hero will be on the national news soon enough.

We are all so proud of you, Brother.

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