4 February 2009

Happy Birthday, Facebook

Catching up on the news, I came across a story celebrating facebook's 5th birthday. What caught my attention was the headline; 'Facebook changed my life' which seemed a little dramatic.

Heartily, I recommend it to you, though, as it tells of three people who consider the social networking site has changed their lives. Particularly interesting is the story of Lynne. 10 years ago Lynne lost touch with her daughter, who then had a child, and it is only through facebook that they have been able to talk again.

The 150 million users of facebook, including myself, clearly must be on to something.

Recently, I've started using twitter too. You can see my updates on this blog. When friends have been asking me about the difference, I quote a tweet: facebook is for friends you used to know, twitter is for friends you want to get to know. Implying that facebook is the past; twitter the future. Since I tend to look to the future, generally, it might seem preferable to be using twitter these days. Who wants to view life through the rear-view mirror, right?

When I reflect, we need both the past and the future to live the present. It is important we know our roots and from whence we came in order that we can make reasonable plans for the future. We can take comfort in knowing that before we were born God had plans for us and no matter where we go He has been there already.

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