27 February 2009

A worried man

Today, I am feeling the pressure of blogging and worrying just where I will get the time to fit it all in. I apologise to those who look forward to updates on this site, if they have not been as often as you would like. Today, therefore, I am just going to ramble, and see what comes out.

As I am typing, in the background is my Archbishop, talking about the Walk With Me series of Lenten reflections. It's a way to update and also to write a blog entry. I suppose as close as I get to multi-tasking. Having just re-read that sentence, I ought to clarify that the Archbishop is on the itunes, not in my room, obviously! He is talking of conversion, and the need for continual conversion. How appropriate. Just today I was considering the need to pray regularly for a spirit of conversion, a prayer to be made hourly, in order that every moment is offered for the building of the Kingdom.

As Henry is writing on his blog, about reading the Introduction to the Devout Life,

Therefore, Philothea, we must enlarge our contrition as much as possible, so that it may embrace everything that is connected with sin.

If we don't approach life with a heart full of contrition, then how do we move toward the unapproachable light? Only with contrition can we learn to forgive ourselves and let His light shine in all the dark places, and then conversion begins to take place as we are born anew.

Talk of Henry; I am under pressure to produce the Dean's Diary. This is an article, which I need to write, to go into this year's Osctian magazine. They are available via our website, see my previous post about this. Henry is our most noble Editor for this year's production.

Tomorrow is an extremely busy day, culminating in a public talk by Gerald O'Collins SJ, here at Oscott. If you are in the area, then you would be most welcome to come along. It starts at 8pm, is free, and you don't have to book. We end with Compline, usually about 9.30pm. Fr O'Collins is talking about"What do we really owe St. Paul?" There is more information here.

With this in mind, I'm off to pray and prepare for the day ahead.


  1. Re pressure to blog,bear in mind the internet and all it's many gadgets are things created for your use and benefit,not the other way around.Personally speaking,as one of your blog followers,how I deal with the amount of blogs you post or otherwise is my issue to handle,not yours to worry about,so be released from that perturbed spirit!
    You mention Frances De Sales;Introduction to the Devout Life.I can't remember chapter or verse,but St Frances quotes a third or fifth century saint who said that 'a bow always held too tightly will lose it's elasticity'.Wise words for a busy Priest to remember now and then maybe.We are human beings,not human doings after all.God bless.

  2. Unless you end up being declared 'Pastor of the Internet' feel free to let the Blog slide. You need to make time for other things - and they include sleep, relaxation and fun! There's plenty of other distractions out there for us lot and I'm sure all your readers appreciate that there's only ever the same number of hours in the day whether you're a Seminarian, Deacon, Priest, Bishop, Cardinal or Pope! Although if you make Pope, do remember us little people! ;o)

  3. Thank you, shadowlands and Tony, for your kind and inspiring words. Duly noted, but, in truth, I think I was just having a bad day.



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