20 February 2009

Nose to the grindstone

If you happen to be reading this blog, might I impose on a few minutes more of your time?

Would you be kind enough to offer up a prayer for my intention, which includes by brothers, Paul and Roger. We all have our work cut out finishing off essays due in very shortly.

Sadly, as the hours tick by, the words of Ignatius are so relevant and apt. Work as though all depends on you, pray as though all depends on God.

Oh, and if you have a 12,000 word essay already written on the nature and mission of the ordained priesthood, do please forward it.

Blessings upon you and sincere thanks, for all your prayers, not only in regards this most pressing issue.


  1. Will offer up a prayer,tonight, for you and your brother's intentions.
    A fellow blogger.

  2. Thank you, shadowlands, it is much appreciated. I will keep you in my prayers, too.



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