26 February 2009

If pride were not a sin, then...

... I'd tell you all about my paper for the STB.

Thanks to all who have been praying for those of us undertaking the, what seemed like mammoth, task of writing the final paper for the STB from Leuven.

It has been printed and will be handed in later today. We don't get a result for a few months.

Enormous thanks are due to my promoter, Fr Richard, who has been invaluable throughout. I'm sure it has been like pulling teeth for the poor man.

We have just a few more modules of study to complete and then the final examination in June of this year. All being well, the three of us will be awarded the qualification in early June.

Men leaving Oscott for the priesthood have a degree from Birmingham University (BA Hons.) and from Leuven University (STB). It seems tough on the intellectual front, but this is only one of four strands of our formation. The others being spiritual, pastoral and human. For a good synopsis of it all, read Pastores Dabo Vobis, by Pope John Paul II. He says it better than I could.


  1. Pride is indeed a sin,but a little bit of praise is not,so well done on completing your studies so far!! Prayers and all good wishes.



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