3 February 2009

Patron Saint of the Internet

As I am sure you already know, John Paul II, nominates St Isidore of Seville as patron of computer users and the Internet. This, I thought, is common knowledge. Not until someone recently suggested the Vatican appoint a patron did I bother to find out why he is the best for the job.

It seems his system of writing is closely matched to the way the Internet works. Particularly funny, I thought, was what Peter Jones had to say, writing in The Telegraph, about Isidore's works.

Derivations apart, it was lifted from sources almost entirely at second or third hand (the Romans had been writing encyclopedias since the 2nd century BC), none of it
checked, and much of it unconditional eyewash - the Internet, in other words, to a T.

St Charles Borromeo parish, in Picayune MS, tells us that it was through a commission from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications that Isidore was eventually identified the best man for the job!

St Isidore, pray for us.

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